So I like to write my own guide so I could revisit my old post again to learn how to do it on particular subject. And what surprises me that visitors comes to my website too and I even get a “thank you” trough Disqus. I clearly help someone out.

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I saw many visitors were looking for answers and I publish that around August 2016 and I felt that my information is a bit dated. So I created similar post with alternative solution after experimenting some time about 16 days ago. Then with combination Nuxt about 8 days ago.

I must tell you there aren’t enough information how to do it correctly and some examples aren’t there to find on the internet. I was really struggling to make the app work and when I thought some solution does make sense, but somehow they break or aren’t supported yet. Then I had to start over again.

Well since I have time while still looking for a VueJS job, I’ll be pioneering and create new ideas!

I’m contemplating to make my blog a chat platform, and every post I made is a chat room, where everybody can help each other out. Zero restrictions, free speech.