It’s been about a year, more precisely 5 Feb 2019; I made a small script publicly that would help people out, to cancel that ajax event using a Promise. And  there aren't many examples how to cancel a call with axios.

There was however; well at that time when I was still using jQuery and that idea about cancelling ajax call is great and got stuck in my head and I want that again somehow. I don't want to use jQuery anymore, because of reasons, all in favour for pure Vanilla purist.

Suddenly there was new feature called fetch and I didn't like that much. Even with async / await  + try / catch there is no way to cancel. Maybe they have something now, but I haven’t look it up because I already made something great.

I’m grateful for Bluebird a better Promise library and had a way to cancel stuff. Great now I want it together with axios. After reading many documentations, I really had a tough time to understand how to do it easily. Making stuff easy for people is actually difficult.

Like I always do. I’m pioneering ideas and make it work and share.

npm library: axiosbluebird

Seeing people are still downloading it, and using it. It surprised me that I could make a difference. Somehow this motivates me to do more research for solutions and bring back my old blog (this one) to give them guidance.