Any luck with installing Windows 8 on an old MacBook (13-inch, Aluminum, Late 2008) MacBook5,1 that runs on Mac OS X Mavericks?
I have today and after a long week of bad sleeping, hunting mosquitos because of the warm weather or I just have sweet tasty blood, I guess.

The rant

This part you can skip to the guide section, unless you want to read my rant. It’s your choice. You’re always responsible for what you do. The Guide

Who would have tought I would ever install any Windows OS on my computer the native way. Maybe just because I want to play games or curious how Microsoft fail their OS. I can be a Apple fanboy, but I don’t care what you think of me.

I always think things should be very easy to install. You know “It just works!”. But that was less true. In this whole week I’ve searched the web for answers, but it is party my fault.

At first I didn’t use Boot Camp Assistant, I wanted to create a multi-boot USB with Windows and Mac. Well it’s more of a rescue disc, I mean USB. You already know what it does, I don’t need to explain what it is. If you don't know, then I have bad news for you.

The idea is, when something goes wrong, put the USB in and press Alt when it reboots after the chime and choose any type rescuing. Mac install or Windows. Boot! Bam! Fixed! Easy!

I felt MBR is dated, so EFI woult be the answer. GUID Partition it is. I just use this easy program "OS X Recovery Disk Assistant v1.0".
I tested it, and come to my conclusion it needed internet to install Mavericks. Waited more then 2 hours for Mavericks to install completely. What if there is no internet? I did make also an partition for Windows 7 in the USB. And there was no icon to boot from.
What went wrong? I did follow the guide correctly from a website by using rEFInd.
GUID partition, check. Put some directories with good configuration, check. Still I can't get the icon.
Maybe I had a bad copy, then try original one then. And still no work, no Windows icon.
Wait I need to put rEFInd in that partition? Okay, let's try. Yes icon!... so glad!... But no boot.

I put the usb on my new MacBookPro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2013) MacBookPro10,2. Yes there was a Windows icon to boot. Start up the boot and it works.
So why would that work and not the old one? Searched the internet. And that it's by design. Or so I say by program.

I did this genius approach, I use VMWare to install Windows on a physical partition.
And then try to boot natively. The icon was there on the Boot menu. I boot the machine and Windows flip the bird on me with 0x000000e.