Features are nice to have when it’s beneficial and optional. Suddenly one of my extensions stop working after the upgrade. I was enraged and there was nothing online how to fix this. So this is how you enable GNOME extensions again. After 3 days I finally found a way by accident.

Use Spotlight search (Not sure term for PopOS), and look for Extensions. It has a green cut-out puzzle icon.

Super, type: Extensions

On the right-top between the title and the hamburger-menu, there is this toggle button. It was disabled and click on it to Enable again.

Now other Extensions are able to toggle again.

Enable Toggle (Top right Corner), Re-enable gTile

Pop Shell and gTile using same keyboard shortcut. Replace Pop Shell with different one, ie: Super + Shift + Enter

Look for Enter adjustment mode and replace the shortcut in whatever you want.

Replace: Super+Enter with: Super+Shift+Enter

Now you can have the best of both worlds!