For a long time I’ve been planning to buy a NAS and things I want to do with it, because I get sick and tired having the idea when they held my data hostage when some things might go awry. Also I want to store my private data and easy to access while I host them myself.

Synology DS920+

Some time ago (19 November 2021) I bought a NAS Synology DS920+. It has 4 bays and has two cache slots, also and a slot to expand memory. Because 4 GB is not much, because I might run some Virtualisation and Docker. After for some research, there is a way to go over 4GB and found 16GB SODIMM.

Crucial CT16G4SFRA266 DDR RAM, 16 GB

Later on, I bought first HDD Seagate IronWolf Pro 14TB from Amazon.

Seagate IronWolf Pro, 16 TB, Internal Hard Drive, NAS, CMR, 3.5", SATA, 6GB/s ,7200RPM, 256MB Cache, for NAS RAID, 3 Years of Rescue Services, FFP (ST16000NEZ00)
Later I’ve check it’s better to get 2 HDD's instead of one (of the same size) for data retention

So when I first received my HDD, it was time to check the NAS hardware and mount it.

Samsung 980 PRO NVMe - Interne SSD M.2 PCIe - 1 TB
DSM would only allow you setup NVMe as a DSM cache, but there is a way to use as storage.

There aren't convincing data online that DSM cache really works and most of the Youtube only show bad test case for example data transfer. That's not how memory performance works.

Until I found a way!